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Engineering Brainstorming Challenge
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Engineering Brainstorming Challenge

Engineering Brainstorming Challenge

You are invited to write up a Mars CEA Engineering Brainstorming One Page Plan concerning the challenges of Coontrolled Environment Agriculture (CEA) on Mars and your potential solution to that challenge.  If your One Page Plan is selected, you will be invited to join in the discussion on our Blog and be a part of solving problems associated with Martian Agriculture.

Use the following format for your Mars CEA One Page Plan.  Use 1-8 as the Section Titles on your One Page Plan.  Do not exceed one PDF page.

1. Mars CEA Engineering Challenge One Page Plan
2. Title:
3. Your Name and your Unique Identifier (tag name) and contact information.  Only your unique identifier will be used in open discussions
4. Statement of Problem (2 sentences)
5. Why Is This Important?  (3 sentences)
6. Technical Challenge (4 sentences)
7. Potential Solutions to Challenge (5 sentences)
8. Concluding Statement (3 sentences)

Augmenting Material (can be on second page)
1. Supporting Information from Published Literature (minimum of 3 references) (not from search engine - must be a published reference from the engineering or scientific literature)
2. Supporting Figures, as needed

 -- There is an absolute maximum of two pages to be reviewed.  Additional pages will not be reviewed.

How to Submit for Review
PDF it and submit it to

These will be reviewed by a panel of scientists and engineers. We will only accept for review submissions to the Mars CEA Engineering Brainstorming One Page Plan Challenge that are scientifically viable and can hold up to the review of our panel of scientists and engineers.  This means that you must use science and math to formulate your problem and potential solutions.  Anecdotes are another category of description and will not be accepted for review.

The accepted write-ups will be made public and viewed by anyone, so if you don't want to share your potential solution with the world, do not submit your Mars CEA Engineering Brainstorming One Page Plan.

We hope you will enjoy being a part of this Mars CEA Engineering Brainstorming One Page Plan Challenge.  We are working hard to get to Mars and make it possible to create a sustainable agriculture in astronaut habitats.  Your write-up will become a part of the discussion and allow people around the world to join in the discussion about how we can help make this possible.

Concepts and One Page Plans will be shared via our blog for open discussions. 

Submit your Mars CEA Engineering Brainstorming One Page Plan to

Submit your PDF'ed One Page Plans to at any time and we will start the conversation with you.

Writers will be notified of selection of their One Page Plans for additional discussions and invited to join the conversation on the Mars Greenhouse Foundation Blog.

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